Sal Ferrarello

I'm a programmer and family man living in Reading, PA with a long list of random hobbies. I write regularly at

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My core programming skills include PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, and jQuery. I started programming on my parents' Commodore 64 a quarter of a century ago and since then, regardless of what else I was doing in life, I've been programming. I've been programming professionally for over 7 years and I work under the company name Iron Code Studio.

Iron Code Studio

Family Man

My wife and I recently celebrated our 13th anniversary and I'm a proud father of our two young boys. The three of them manage to surprise me everyday and remind me to explore and ask questions about the world around us. In addition, I'm fortunate to have lots of extended family nearby.


Random Hobbies

I'm also interested in acquiring new skills and enjoying new hobbies. These include playing the piano, playing the guitar, playing the harmonica, solving Rubik's cubes, playing chess, photography, magic, juggling, knitting, all with varying degress of success. Clearly, water skiing is one of the skills that needs work.

Water skiing